Solar Energy

Families from Mid West USA donated Solar Panels that could power three light bulbs and a radio. This may not seem as much but a bulb at home allows students to study at night and the family does not have to buy kerosine for lamps. This saves about $700 a year.

Because of this gift, a merchant can keep his business at night and bible studies can be conducted at night in the ch;uch. This being a renewable energy source contributes to saving the environment.

As many of these gifts that can be donated will be used to benefit the community.

Solar Power Kit

The solar generators have transformed the lives of many families. While they do not provide a large power source, they help families meet basic lighting, phone charging and powering radios. Money previously used for these purposes can be channelled to other uses.

A Peppermint portable solar generator in used in a class in the Same region of Tanzania
Solar generators allow children to have some activities during the night hours
Small scale business using the solar generator to operate at night
Solar powered lighting.
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