Assisi School is a school and orphanage grades preK to Form 6 ( high school) run by the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters, providing an excellent Catholic education for the children of Same district, Tanzania.

Sponsor an orphan or poor child so that he or she can attend Assisi School. $500 a year will provide tuition, room and board for a student who has no chance of attending this wonderful school.
You may choose your student to sponsor, and your student will write you twice a year, expressing their heartfelt gratitude for your support. You will also  receive a picture of your sponsored student.
Please note that this is a yearly commitment for the duration of the child’s Assisi school  education. If you become unable to continue your commitment, please notify us and we will find another sponsor for your child.




If you are interested in sponsoring one of these children at Assisi School, please contact Mater Dei USA
At:  Mater Dei USA
1524 South Summit Avenue
Sioux Falls, South Dakota SD 57105

Contact us if  you would like to support this project


Assisi School children performing a song
Ursuline Franciscan Sisters who run Assisi School
Some outdoor activity, flying kites
Hope for a brighter future
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