Mater Dei USA Board of Directors

Mater Dei USAworks in partnership with Mater Dei USA, a Non-Profit charitable organisation registered in the United States of America to support its work and activites.

Dr. Lanny Lanny Kampfe

Lanny Kampfe
Iowa City, IA

Retired Endodontist, Grandfather, Married to Jann, Three years Asst. Professor then private practice, Roman Catholic, twelve years Alpha course leader, Hawkeye Fan, trout fisherman, I love Bible study and sharing my Christian faith and the blessings I have been given,  B.A. from Luther College, D.D.S., M.S.,  and M.A. degrees from the University of Iowa.  I thank God for the opportunity to serve on the MDUSA board, so that I can put into action my belief that we are all called to be brothers and sisters with Christ.

Mr. John McLaughlin

Dave Louiselle
Burnsville, MN


Mr. Paul Ernst

James Brad McConville
Unionville, MO

A retired family practice physician living in Unionville, Missouri. He and his wife Dewey spent a month working in medical mission field in Same, Tanzania fourteen years ago with three of their children, one niece and future daughter-in-law. This was a life changing experience. Dewey and Brad have remained committed to helping Father Setonga and the people of Tanzania ever since.


Virginia Dewey McConville
Unionville, MO

Retired physician assistant. She and Dr. Brad have been married for 45 years, have five children and eleven grandchildren. With members of St. Mary’s Centerville Iowa parish, they traveled to Same, Tanzania in January, 2016. Their lives have been enriched by the people of Tanzania, and they wish to share this Good News through Mater Dei USA. She is currently chairperson of Mater Dei USA Board.


John McLaughlin
Sioux Falls, SD

A school founder, a former tenured professor, and an active education company executive, researcher, and author, John has had a commitment to the Kilimajaro region of Tanzania for almost 25 years.  He is one of the founders of Mater Dei USA and manages the group’s bank account and serves as the point person on alternative energy and education initiatives. He lives in South Dakota with his wife and five children in their teens and twenties.


Board of Directors USA

The passionate and hardworking people at Mater Dei Africa, our primary partner in the Africa., have enabled Mater Dei USA (MDUSA) to do much of our work for the poor and marginalized people of Tanzania.  They have been invaluable in helping MDAUSA implement and provide ongoing support for development projects.

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