Goat Grazing and Fallow Period

Goat Grazing: EVERY ACRE IS FALLOW FOR 4 MONTHS DURING THE CROP ROTATION CYCILE. Right after the harvest the fields should be cover seeded with quick emerging rye grass. After 1 week, using portable fencing or tethers, goats will graze on the new rye grass and remaining stubble of the harvested field. They should be kept ¡n hard floored pens at night. Corn stalks should be used as bedding to cover the pen floor. This mixture of corn stalks and goat urine should be added to the compost bin every week. Notes: The cover crop (rye grass) decreases erosion, feeds the goats and puts nutrients back into the soil.

THE FALLOW PERIOD is marked by colored DOTS on the planting charts. Fields in production are solid lines. Fields being grazed are noted on the right side of the page. The planting and harvesting chart will be different for each farmer; based on the number of crops and varieties as well as on which month the crop rotation begins.

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