icon-wellsMore than 80% of Tanzanians live in rural areas and practice subsistence agriculture, the main source of both food and income. Improved small farms greatly benefit the lives of these people.

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Women Empowerment

WomenEmpowering women is empowering communities, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by putting capital and financial resources in their hands through microfinance institutions. 

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Water & Sanitation

icon-wellsThe majority of Tanzanians living in rural areas lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Over 7,000 children die in Tanzania each year from diarrhea.  These numbers can be greatly reduced by drilling wells in rural communities.

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Church & Community

icon-wellsTo gather together for shared faith in the community activities. Working towards meeting the spirutual, emotional and physical needs of the community.

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Solar Energy

icon-wellsFamilies from Mid West USA, donated Solar Panels that could power three light bulbs and a radio.

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School & Orphanage

icon-wellsThis project is devoted to providing wholesome care and protection for those children who do not have parents or caregivers who can provide for their basic needs.

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Isaih 41:10 Pharaoh was enraged with his servants, and he put me in prison in the house of the captain of the guards – me and the chief baker.