card-01A gift in your honor will be made to Bwiko Farm Project, a non-profit working to assist the people of Same, a village in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

Gifts by individuals or groups are welcome.

100% of all gifts go towards purchasing any or a combination of of the following items:

A gift of $7000 will help start a complete family farm. Each new farm will participate in the same structure as the model farm.

Once your gift is processed, we shall send by email a copy of the gift certificate. This will be sent to the email address provided.


Item Cost $ Item Cost $ Item Cost $
4 Chickens and coop 50 1 Garden fork 40 Storage shed 350
Incubator per farm 35 Walk behind seeder 130 General operation costs 500
2 female goats, sharing a ram 125 Fencing and posts 600 Water pumps 50
Seeds 400 Treated Lumber 120 Land 1000
Two shovels 20 Compost bin 120 Seedlings 200
2 Rakes 20 Fruit trees $5 25 Water containers 50
2 Hoes 20 Fertilizer 30 Packaging incl. boxes 200
Wheelbarrow 70 Power rotor tiller 225 Community development fund 500
2 Water buckets 45 Produce scale 200 Health insurance 300
Weed Sprayer 40 Gasoline 300 Secondary School fees 225



Our Approach

Current projects

Future projects

Our goal is simple; to touch the lives of  the people of Tanzania every day as they work to fulful their lifelong desire to live in a community that is vibrant, healthy, resourceful and self sustaining. This goal can be reached by a combination of capitalistic and socialistic programs.

The value of proposed farming practices will be proven by the farmers themselves.

Though we are a small organization, we are big in our efforts to establish model five acre farms by improving outcomes in the area of Sustainable Farmaing and Community Growth.



wellbeing improved-farming

Board Members

Mansuetas Setonga
Same, Tanzania

Home Parish:

Brad and Dewey McConville
Unionville Missouri
John M. McLaughlin
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Lanny V. Kampfe

Retired Endodontist.
Parish: Newman Center, Iowa City, Iowa.

Paul C. Ernst
St. Paul, Minnesota

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) supervises the management and business affairs of the organization and is responsible for seeing that the organization keeps the promises described in the organization’s Vision, Mission and Purpose statements. It also ensures that the organization is accountable for acting within the laws governing it.

The BOD is responsible for representing the organization to the community and for policymaking for the organization. They approve plans, budgets and audit reports of the organization.

The BOD is also responsible for ensuring that the organization has the resources it needs to further its mission, including soliciting funds and approving macro projects of the organization (Projects exceeding US$10,000) and any projects falling outside the approved budget of the organization.

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