The first phase of the convent of the Sisters of Mater Dei Africa will attract the beginning of the construction of the novitiate. Also, the presence of the convent will provide accommodation for aspirants and candidates during their interviews and a transit center when they are on their way to Kakamega, Kenya for novitiate.

The following are the high priority activities we are undertaking:

  • Construction of phase two of the Community Learning Center. Phase one has been completed.
  • Completion of the contstruction of Vudee Chini Church.
  • Construcion of Sister's Convent phase one and Sister's Scholarship Program.
  • Purchase of a Toyota LandCruiser for use in monitoring Projects.
  • Purchase of new farm land for Bwiko farming activities.


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Mwembe Parish. Completion of new construction.

Feb. 2016  site visit: the windows are being installed right now.  
“ When they are in place, the parishioners will be able to  lock the church for the first time.  Right now, they must carry the solar generator back and forth from home to church, for any evening church or community activity.  The generator would soon be missing otherwise. Having electricity at night allows the church to become a community center for evening classes, meetings, and studying.
On the Sunday of  our visit, we witnessed a family converting to Catholicism, two weddings, four baptisms, and we realized this was made possible by your generous donations.”

Mwembe Center for worship and community activities
Serving the family
Worship and Mwembe Church
Worship and Mwembe Church

Makanya Parish. Completion of new construction.

Following is a portion of a board member’s resent site report:
“In America a parish might have two greeters at the main door, welcoming people into church. Your welcome was fantastic, full of joy and Spirit!!! Not just two people, but the whole community of believers greeting us; praising God with beautiful singing and dancing.

Your concern for our happiness was sincerely appreciated; but our tears were from over-whelming joy, not sadness. It was so inspiring to see a church; that our family along with many others, help to build; being used by university students for a Spirit retreat. What a blessing it was for us to be with you in your church filled with Christians worshiping God.

Guided by our prayers, helped by the labor of your hands, and supported by sharing our talents and our gifts: and with God’s blessing, we plan to support Makanya Parish: A PARISH SERVING THE SP[R[TUAL AND SOCIAL NEEDS OF THE ENTIRE COMMUITY.” A final $5000 gift to complete the Rectory has been received.
Please visit the Makanya Parish slide show.

Children worship at Makanya Church
Makanya Church, a center for the wellbeing of members of the community
Worship and Makanya Church
Worship and Makanya Church

Vudee Chini Church

This is a very poor community, and the current church is a hovel, with no real roof, electricity, or plumbing. Yet this is a vibrant, active community of persons of all ages who come together to help each other in so many ways.

A new church will provide not only a gathering place of worship, but a true community center that will benefit everyone, as children can use the building for study or recreation in the evenings, and civic meetings and classes will be held there as well.

The wonderful people of Vudee Chini are doing their part by carrying rocks to be used in the foundation and walls, by fundraising, by contributing manual labor to the project, and by praying for the benefactors.

Donations to Date:  $38,000
Still needed to complete the project:  $15,000

See building plans

Vudee Center for worship and community activities
Worship and Vudee Church
Serving the family
Worship and Vudee Church

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) supervises the management and business affairs of the organization and is responsible for seeing that the organization keeps the promises described in the organization’s Vision, Mission and Purpose statements. It also ensures that the organization is accountable for acting within the laws governing it.

The BOD is responsible for representing the organization to the community and for policymaking for the organization. They approve plans, budgets and audit reports of the organization.

The BOD is also responsible for ensuring that the organization has the resources it needs to further its mission, including soliciting funds and approving macro projects of the organization (Projects exceeding US$10,000) and any projects falling outside the approved budget of the organization.

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